As the name indicates, this blog is dedicated to the civic life of the great state of Minnesota. Minnesota has one of the highest voter turnouts in America. More than 70 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in some elections. The state is a national leader in healthcare. Proper level of investment in education has led to one of the highest ACT scores nationwide by graduating high school students. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest.

These successes are true on the aggregate or an average bases. There are some serous gaps among communities in the state.
Gaps exist between geographical and ethnic communities. Dakota County, for instance, enjoys one of the highest incomes per capita in the state compared to Mahnomen County. Communities of color also lag behind in education, access to healthcare, and employment on average bases.
The purpose of Minnesota Civic blog is to provide analysis in these dimensions by focusing on activities in affluent and less affluent communities. A lot of the writing here are about the City of Rosemount and the Somali community in Minnesota. Two communities the founder of the blog has a lot of experience in working.

The goal here is to provide insider view on both communities to advance knowledge by applying lessons learned each community.
To state obvious, one community continues to do very well in these dimensions while the other is struggling for unique reasons. But the needs and wants of each community can complement the other for better future.

Rosemount is a perfect model for community yearning for American dream to obtain education, move up in the income ladder, and get access to quality healthcare. The Somali community has a lot to offer in entrepreneurial spirit for small scale retail and rich culture to drive diversity.