ICE Delayed and Denied Justice to Minnesota Family

I’m happy to report that Ilyas Jama has been released from ICE detention and is home with his family at least at the time being. The ordeal has scarred this family regardless of the final decision of Ilyas’ immigration status.

ICE leader in Minnesota bares the ultimate responsibility for emotionally torturing this family. Timid and slow political response by Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith as well as Representative Tom Emmer offices enabled ICE to inflict excruciating pain on this family.

Family, attorney and citizens who made phone calls and showed up to court every day fought gallantly against this injustice. Their effort is the primary reason this family is together tonight albeit temporarly.

Nasra Adam and her 8 years old daughter Qali poured their heart and soul out to get Ilyas out of ICE detention. They bravely shared their story and pleaded for justice.

Mother and daughter endured the dehumanization of a husband and father brought to court with arms and legs chained. In every court appearance, Ilyas look like a scene from the NBC series “Locked Up” when men convicted of murder and far worst crimes are transported to prison playgrounds with arms and legs chained. Nasra and Qali had to watch Ilyas in this horrifying condition each time he was brought to court.

Attorney Abdulwahid Qalinle has done a wonderful job on behalf of this family. He confronted ICE in every turn. He won every motion and persuaded the judge, a sharp and fair-minded black woman from Taxes to make a decisive decision. Unfortunately, ICE leader ignored the judge’s order sighing White House orders.

Many citizens of Minnesota hit the phones and called offices of Senators Klobuchar, Smith and Representative Tom Emmer. Some showed up to court every day. Your efforts certainly had a positive impact.

Unfortunately, the response by the federal offices was timid and slow. The response demonstrated offices not ready to serve immigrant constituents at time severe need.

Staff at all three offices failed to comprehend the nature of the case. They seemed to be oblivious to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding immigration today in America.

For example, Ilyas was imprisoned in Sherborne county jail. ICE denied him a basic family visit. Ilyas’ ability to contact with his attorney was severely limited by prison rules. Yet, Senator Klobuchar’s Office insisted that not to take any action without Ilyas signing privacy waver.

It was the equivalence of asking treatment consent from a patient suffering from cardiac arrest. It was an absurd position and added insult to an already injured family.

Offices of Senators Klobuchar and Smith seem to fail to recognize the extraordinary political atmosphere surrounding immigration today in America.

We have administration issuing blanket decrees and memorandums to mass arrest and deport people with all kinds of immigration statuses with no regard to rule of law. White House craziness is having a severe negative impact on Minnesota families. Yet staff at these federal offices are emphasizing arcane office policies and procedures.

American immigration policy is no longer based on sound policies and procedures. It has transformed and became an extension of the politics of confrontation. Federal offices have to take a more aggressive and confrontational approach to safeguard constituents.

An option is to confront ICE every time a family is separated in Minnesota. Representatives from elected federal offices have to become regulars in ICE facilities and infrastructures in the state. Constituent offices have to include organizing citizens to protest ICE at these facilities to highlight and bring ICE’s atrocious practice to the open. This is one way to counter response White House craziness. Anything less than that is a failure of oversight.

It’s a joy Minnesotans can be proud of that Ilyas is with his family tonight. Qali can go to bed knowing her dad is at home.

The law is on the Qali side. The judge ruled in her favor in every motion. ICE opted for delaying tactic each time.

In the first court hearing, ICE lawyers claimed they didn’t have time to review the case and asked extended detention for Ilyaas. In the second hearing, ICE lawyers vowed to appeal the judge’s dismal of the charges and insisted Ilyas remains in jail. In the third hearing, ICE invoked appeal of a bail approval. Each time ICE delayed justice thus denied justice to a Minnesota family.

ICE delayed and denied justice to this Minnesota family. Hopefully documenting this family ordeal helps to prevent another Minnesota family live through a similar torturous experience.