ICE Destroying a Minnesota Family

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) has brought the policy of family separation typically associated with the southern border to Minnesota. ICE is at the verge of deporting a loving father of Blaine, Minnesota who has every right to be with his wife and 8 years old daughter.

In this powerful video, Nasra Adam and Qali are pleading with Minnesotans for help.

ICE arrested Ilyas Jama on February 23rd, 2019 after he visited the immigration office in Bloomington to check on the status for Green Card application. He's being kept in Sherburne county pending deportation order.

Ilyas Jama, a Canadian citizen of Somali descendant has lived in Minnesota for over 10 years. He has been raising his family while waiting for approval for a Green Card application.

Ilyas has made immense positive contributions to his community. With both parents working in multiple jobs, the family has been able to purchase a house in Blaine and paid many thousands of dollars in taxes over the years.

Ilyas has been law obedient. There is not even a moving traffic violation in his record.

Yet ICE felt compelled to arrest him. ICE claims White House pressure is the reason for this inhumane conduct.

Ilyas is diabetic and needs regular medication to control the condition. His health has taken a turn for the worst while in county jail.

County jail authorities have denied him family visitation. The latest is the cancelation video session routinely granted.

Please be advised that Sherburne County Jail, MN has canceled the following Securus Video Visitation session:
Appointment ID: 14473490
Visitation date: 2019-04-29
Visitation time: 04:00 PM CT
With: Ilyas Jama
This decision is solely that of Sherburne County Jail, MN and Securus are unfortunately unable to intervene on your behalf."

This family is requesting Minnesota congressional delegation to stand with them. In particular congressman Tom Emmer's office who represents in the 6th district where the family lives and the two U.S Senators must engage the family and immediately advocate on the behalf of the family.

It's equally imperative that Minnesotans of all walks of life regardless of political persuasions to support this family and pressure ICE to grant Ilyas Jama humanitarian parole so he can be with his family while he waits for a decision on his Green Card application.

There are certainly more families in similar situations. But the story of this particular family crystallizes ICE operation in Minnesota.

The family invites members of the mainstream media to highlight their story and provide a voice to many families in similar predicaments. It's no longer about border security. It's here in our neighborhoods.

Here is family intact and thriving in Minneapolis. A law-abiding father is being yanked out for simply wanting to check the Green Card application.

ICE is destroying a family in our backyard. We need to act immediately to help this family stay together.