Azad Zaman is a Liar and Not an Imam

Azad Zaman-A Corrupt Character Destroying Communities

Azad Zaman is a habitual liar. He lies about everything. He tells more lies to cover up the previous ones.

The problem is that Azad disguises his lies as religious mission or ‘Dawa’. When challenged under the principle of separation of church and state which equally applies to Mosques, he lies some more.

Liars using religion as a mask are dangerous and we must confront them. A Mosque led by a lair produces more of the same and is destined to demise.

The Somali and the broader Muslim community in Minnesota CANNOT afford the demise of Mosques due to lies and fraud. Hence, the reason for this writing.

Lies may generate wealth and control of others albeit temporarily(look no further than the guy in the White House) but that ultimately ends in scandal(wait until Mueller investigation is made public). That’s why it’s imperative we address the impending scandal that Azad is leading in Mosques.

First step of addressing this impending scandal which Azad is leading is to expose it. Hassan Dhooye and Mohamed Arab are two enablers.

One of the things Azad has done to accentuate his lies has been to deputize Hassan Dhooye and Mohamed Arab. The two serve Azad’s conduits to the Somali community to spread falsehoods.

Hassan Dhooye-Azad Zaman's Conduit to the Somali Community

Mohamed Arab-Another Azad Zaman's Conduit to the Somali Community

Each uses a different platform to augment Azad lies. Dhooye platform is Islamic Association of North America (IYANA), more on this group at later writing. Arab runs Darul Furuq Mosque in Bloomington.

Azad has been teaching Dhooye and Arab few tricks of his fraudulent practices. For example, Azad made a lot of money in the past and continues to make from charter schools linked to Mosques he controls. Both Dhooye and Arab are pursuing charter schools and trying to link them to Mosques in an effort to replicate Azad’s fraudulently scheme.

This fraud exploits both innocent Muslim parents in Minnesota’s Somali community who want to raise and educate their children in environment that reflects their values. Minnesota taxpayers are also a victim.

The exploitation works like this: Parents and children are baited with the appearance of Islamic school since most students and staff at these schools are Muslims. But the truth is that these are low performing publicly funded charter schools cheating parents and students out of an opportunity to get a good public education in a traditional public schools. Traditional public schools are undermined with diversion of funds robbing taxpayers. Azad and his enablers accomplish double whammy exploitation with this scheme.

Azad and his few cronies are the only beneficiaries in this scheme. Here is how:

Azad’s organization has real estate properties which he rents out to charter schools. Charter schools also employ political cronies similarly disguised as religious people as part of the bait to deceive innocent Muslim parents. Azad funnels those funds and the cronies operationalize his fraudulent activities.

This isn’t a commentary or an accusation . It’s proven by Azad’s track record. Azad lost two charter schools operated under Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA). Both schools closed after brief investigation uncovered massive fraud.

The investigation found evidence suggesting Azad tampered with results of standardized tests including Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment(MCA). Azad rejected students with special needs as well as those who were in need of additional academic support by subjecting them to entrance exam. Azad told families of rejected students we’re waitlisted but now everyone knows it was a lie.

But the most memorable fraud was monetary. Attorneys for the plaintiffs which included ACLU and DFL Appointed Minnesota Education Commissioner told bankcrupcy court "TiZA has operated the school in a manner that has had the effect of transferring millions of dollars of public money to related Islamic organizations. Its history creates concern that it[TiZA led by Azad] is seeking bankruptcy relief to continue that pattern, allowing TiZA to further dissipate its assets to related Islamic entities and individual Muslim participants in school operations."

Azad performed as suspected. Shortly after TIZA closed, he started other entities and control them through proxy. One of them is Star of the North Academy in East Bethel, a charter school serving largely Muslim students. Seven teachers resigned from this school one day in 2015 indicating turmoil as everything Azad touches ends in scandal.

Azad even lied about the number of Muslims who showed up for Eid Prayer at the U.S. Bank Stadium in 2018 dubbed ‘Super Eid’. He claimed 50,000 Muslims showed up. This was another flagrant lie.

In reality, the number of Muslims at the U.S. Bank Stadium were approximately 10,000-16,000 people. This is similar to the number of Muslims who consistently showed up at the Minneapolis convention every year in the past 20 years for a typical Eid. The local media was duped and gave the event wall-to-wall coverage but it was just another Eid.

Here is how Azad’s number of 50,000 is a lie: The seats in the U.S. Bank Stadium were empty and everyone prayed in the football field. The football field is approximately 32400 square feet if you count the end zones. The average person is 2 feet wide measured in girth. When you divide the number of 32400 by 2, you get 16,200 people.

This isn’t to imply Muslims in Minnesota are less than 50,000. In fact, there are more. Mosques in other cities were filled. But Muslims didn’t fall for Azad’s deception because they know him but outside observers got punked.

Azad lied about attendance of the event because he wanted to impress political candidates at all levels so he could defraud them if they win in the general elections. There is no any other conceivable reason to hype these numbers.

Azad continues to lie about general politics and public discourse. Less than few weeks before the 2018 general elections, he told a Mosque full of Muslims that he was a ‘winner’ and candidates he supported in the primary were going to ‘win’ in the general election.

The fact is he’s everything but a winner. He supported three candidates in the 2018 primary. Only one is projected to prevail in the general election.

That’s one in three. In another word, it’s about 33 percent winning rate. It’s worst than a coin-flip.

Moreover, Azad’s blatant lies are one of the contributing factors that Congressman Keith Ellison is trailing behind in the State Attorney General race. Keith is running against a bigot who hates Muslims, immigrants and other minority groups.

But the latest poll indicated Doug Wardlow is having some success linking Keith to Azad’s fraudulent and corrupt practices. Low information voters latch on to this kind of stuff. The poll indicated negative slope for Keith as we head to November 6th. A link to Azad's corrupt practices is ruining a winnable race and he's preaching lies of ‘winning’.

When Azad is confronted about his lies, he lies some more and exacerbates the situation. That’s what a habitual lair does. He makes up new lies to cover up the previous ones. That makes Azad Zaman a habitual liar and not an Imam.